Unilever: Cleaning up the laundry detergent category


The Challenge

The laundry detergent market in Europe is a sea of messages about “whiter than white” and “stain free”. With a breakthrough innovation on the horizon for Persil’s ‘Small & Mighty’, Unilever challenged us to cut through the clutter and capture the consumer’s attention.

The Approach

To better understand the frustration and satisfaction associated with laundry, we built an online panel of busy mums in the UK and France. Over time we developed deep relationships with them, enabling us to gather insights which were later used in a two-day strategy workshop.

The Solution

We focused the positioning and communication around a three times cleaning system, which would tackle anything that life throws at you and ensure clothes get clean first time, every time. For the first time, we were able to connect the emotional positioning of Persil with the functional positioning of ‘Small & Mighty’.

The Results

The new Persil Small & Mighty launched in 2013 and has proved to be a roaring success. We believe it’s cleaning up!