SABMiller: Getting to know our client at home in the search for innovation

The Challenge

As a consequence of the recession, home entertainment systems and much nicer homes, there was a significant shift away from drinking beer in bars to in-home consumption. SABMiller needed to look at more ways of tapping in to this new trend.

The Approach

Taking existing research, we built hypotheses around consumer behaviours and needs. We then tested these in Moscow, Prague, Amsterdam and London and used the resulting insights to build innovation platforms, consumption/occasion maps, typologies and emotional/functional needscapes. We then spent two days living with our client, using the time together to generate over 200 ideas – several of these were then turned into 3D prototypes to be tested in-market.

The Solution

There were many solutions developed during this project, ranging from extra-cold delivery systems, POS and service concepts through to Nespresso-type machines and draft systems.

The Results

As well as continued use in Europe, our findings were given to the US Innovation Team and fed into a larger project – the Miller Lite Draft System was launched as a result.

This project was completed in 2009. SABMiller was a client for 5 years. We no longer work with SABMiller as we work with Carlsberg.