Peter Werth: Reviving a ‘Young Fashion Brand of the Year’

The Challenge

Peter Werth had a history of success in menswear, including being named FHM’s ‘Young Fashion Brand of the Year’ in 2002. But by 2010 the brand was in serious decline, so The Gild was brought in to help turn it around.

The Approach

By studying the market, the brand’s heritage and young male culture, we were able to develop a tiered consumer target structure. We then went on to refine a positioning and strategy to engage with these consumer targets and help drive the brand forward.

The Solution

We created a new positioning that celebrated the brand’s North London roots and guys’ desires to be mature, sharp, and put-together, yet still comfortable and masculine. We translated the refined positioning into a new identity, brand guidelines and PR plan. The work was then used by the Creative Director to design new, better-focused collections, and to direct all marketing communications and in-store designs.

The Results

The new brand was launched at fashion trade show ‘Bread & Butter’– one industry critic commented, “Peter Werth has moved on more than any other brand seen at the show”. The business was then bought by the JD Sports group, citing the brand’s strategy and creative as a key factor in their purchase decision.