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Worlds Fair Nano

Last month, I had the pleasure of attending ‘Worlds Fair Nano,’ a technology and arts festival in NYC that is part of a bigger organization seeking to bring the Worlds Fair back to the USA. The initial Nano event was a teaser of this, with a ‘Technology Playground’ filled with interactive tech exhibits, as well as a series of ‘Futurist Talks.’

In the ‘Playground,’ it was cool to experiment for my first time with a VR headset and its programs, one of which was used in real estate and interior design to give a 360 perspective on a space, and the other which allowed you to use hand-held controllers to contract and release visual ‘energy particles’ – an abstract technology in its early stages, but cool nonetheless. Experts I heard from later in the day had mixed opinions on how mainstream and widespread VR and AR can truly become in the near future, but recent consumer-directed VR ads from the likes of Samsung are definitely planting the seed, and doing it well.

The Futurist Talks were my favorite part of the day, with the most interesting talk coming from the founder of Futurism, a science and technology site, about the Future of Media. He echoed many of The Gild’s beliefs about this industry, reminding the audience that media is really a vehicle for storytelling. While written word was the original medium for media and its intention was to educate and inform, today there are so many competing forces in the media landscape you cannot simply focus on informing, you must also entertain and inspire, stirring actionable change among your readers. He shared that consumers today only think 10% of the content they’ve consumed is worth consuming again – the future will be media delivered to you when and where you want it, instead of wading through stuff to find what you really want. It will be more deeply immersive, and direct to consumers.

My mind is swirling with many more future predictions and insights from the day, and I’m glad to have been able to witness a really cool organization kick off its inaugural event! Here’s to bringing more future to the now.

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