When did your scruffy ponytail and running bottoms become London’s biggest trend?

When did your scruffy ponytail and running bottoms become London’s biggest trend?

This season, the fashion world has fully embraced sports luxe, which can be found gracing both high street and designer stores. Celebrities are ditching their designer outfits for dressed up gym kits, and this has contributed to a major rise in demand for gym wear, with the industry set to make 83 million dollars within the next 4 years.

London has managed to stay on trend, embracing it extensively throughout its stores. This year has seen the introduction of brands such as LA-base sports brand Lululemon, which opened up its doors on the famous King’s Road a few months ago; along with Beyoncé’s Ivy Park range having recently been launched in Topshop stores. Selfridges, the second -largest department store in the UK, has also embraced this new style by dedicating a whole new floor to sportswear. This floor, called ‘The Body’ features sportswear from a collection of different designers, aiming to improve body shape ideology and the availability of sportswear for women of all sizes.

However, London is no stranger to this trend: Adidas featured heavily in the 90s with its famous matching tracksuits; along with designers such as Juicy Couture seen on celebrities such as J.Lo in the early 2000’s. These designs are now being re-embraced and improved by scores of designers; from Isabel Marant to Topshop. These newer iterations are fresh and fun, and are even making appearances on the red carpet.

I can’t help but wonder what will be next for the new season designs. Is there really anything left from eras past that we haven’t tried to recreate? I get the feeling that we’ve really done it all, from Doc Martins and boyfriend jeans to shell jackets and scrunchies. Who knows what will be the next big thing?


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