When Brands Play ‘DUMB’ When Brands Play ‘DUMB’ When Brands Play ‘DUMB’

When Brands Play ‘DUMB’

When Pepsi launched the newest campaign for its diet drink I honestly thought it was a premature joke for April Fool’s Day. Is the new dumbbell-shape packaging a concept, or a poor design student’s attempt at a little fame? No. Unfortunately it does exist.

Can Pepsi really fool people into thinking it is a fitness-forward brand? Is this what they set out to do?

It is a bold move for a brand to associate themselves with something they are not. You don’t need me to show you a boring graph depicting the correlation between Pepsi consumption and obesity – but why has Pepsi tried to sugar coat it? (Pardon the pun).

Although the packaging fits nicely in the dumbbell inspired rack (what a nice touch), I can’t see it fitting into that haloed healthy lifestyle we all aspire to.

Let’s hope brands don’t take a leaf out of Pepsi’s book….

Pepsi Image Credit: PSFK
Galaxy and Tate & Lyle Image Credit: The Gild

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