What is 3-D times 3-D?

What is 3-D times 3-D?

Perhaps it’s as intriguing as it is disorienting… do we really need to augment the arguably already augmented experience of riding the world’s most thrilling roller coasters?

Mega amusement park Cedar Point is planning to use virtual reality headsets to enhance the experience on some of its tamer roller coasters.

And when the biggest name in amusement parks and roller coasters takes this kind of a move seriously, the industry sits up.

The positive company-side implications of updating an entire ride experience from a computer instead of a multi-million dollar and multi-year construction project are hard to ignore. And for visitors, the rider can get a completely new experience each time they ride (likely with a per-ride transaction attached).

As we continue to tinker with yesterday’s thrills and tomorrow’s technology, we’ll definitely find things we’ve never found before – and that’s what innovation’s all about. And it’s never fun unless we ask that question that comes along with any head-scratching innovation: have we gone too far?

All I know is that you can find me in line this summer, because I’m willing to give this gut-buster a shot.

Photo source: cleveland.com

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