Talkin’ ’bout your generation

Talkin’ ’bout your generation

As outward appearance and behaviour are no longer reliable indications of age, how would you tell a member of Generation X from a member of Generation Y? Do the beliefs, behaviours and choices of generations differ so vastly that we can tell them apart, let alone converse with them as specific groups?

Marketing theory would have us believe so claiming that there are six generations living in the world today, each defined by a distinct set of characteristics, beliefs and behaviours that are unique to people born in a specific age bracket, shaped by the political, social, economic and technological context they were born and raised in. But can we really be collectively characterised by our date of birth?

At The Gild, we believe that – while these factors are of course important – people’s beliefs, attitudes and behaviours are defined by more than just the year they were born or the economic and political climate in which they were raised. What’s not to say we’re not all unique individuals with the creative and imaginative power to think outside the confines of our times?

Therefore, we challenge the idea that everyone falls neatly into just one ‘correct’ generational bucket; we believe that you can be a Millennial at heart, or a Boomer in spirit, no matter when you were born!

But don’t just take our word for it. Join us at The Gild in challenging the assumption that you are defined by your generation by taking our quiz.


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