Sofar So Good

Sofar So Good

Last week The Gild’s London office  played host to Sofar Sound, the movement that brings new artists to attentive audiences in cities all around the globe.

Whilst there are no hard and fast rules, the difference with Sofar is that audience members are advised not to take photos, record videos or use their phones. The idea is that you’re actually supposed to pay attention to the artists you’ve paid to see, and to show them the respect they deserve. The whole event is BYOB, and everyone sits on the floor, which creates a relaxed and sociable vibe; and far from your typical gig, there’s no jostling for a space at the front, and your view isn’t being blocked by someone’s iPad in your face, recording the show.

This atmosphere is perhaps a product of the kind of person who goes to Sofar, or perhaps it’s the other way round; since you don’t know what kind of acts you’re going to see, you have to go in with an open mind. And since you’re sat on the floor drinking beer from the bottle, there’s no standing on ceremony. I guess this really sums up my whole experience of Sofar; as someone who doesn’t often switch it up when it comes to music, the pared back, relaxed and open-minded vibe of Sofar has allowed me to widen my musical horizons and relax with my fellow Gilders.

At the end of every event, I’m reminded that good things happen outside your comfort zone, and that’s certainly something worth remembering.

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