Quacking down on pesticides

Quacking down on pesticides

Question: How do you ensure the protection and livelihood of crops without the use of pesticides?


Is the answer:

a) Super-organic powder repellant, blended by Chinese nuns underneath a full moon?

b) Micro-space-robot-drones, able to diagnose a plants half-life at atomic level?

c) A phone app that broadcasts specific influencers to pioneer a unified co-operative utopia for new world order?


Answer: None of the above.


The Vergenoegd vineyard in Stellenbosh (South Africa) took it into their own hands to pioneer an alternative to pesticides. Their answer… simply a load of ducks (over 1,000 Indian Runner ducks to be specific).

A legion of murderous mallards is released daily to combat an outbreak of tiny snails chomping down and jeopardising future crops. Mother nature at her finest.

What the duck? Don’t believe me? Read more here.

Despite the cost of keeping being quite a bit higher than conventional pesticides, the terrifying fleet of waddling, feathered killing machines is so effective, the vineyard has been recognised for its eco-sustainability.

Sometimes the most effective solution stands apart from the norm and doesn’t follow others (unless you’re a duck).

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