The passing of arguably one of our most culturally inspiring natives this week has brought with it a heartening array of comment, action and re-action. While death brings an assumed physical finality; the impact both subtle and nuanced of a man who view life as a genuine canvas but moreso was a proponent of craft, knowledge and a passion for completion commands we stay close to the inspiration he gave us.

Evidently cultural dross is not the zeitgeist, for one day we were not consumed by a barrage of inane, maligned, narcissism. We were spared silicon breasted, Cowell-crafted, self-serving-one-hit-camera-hungry stuff. We saw a different England.

The masses appear to be genuinely inspired by change, by mental and individual freedom, freedom to express oneself beyond a tweet or a passive ‘like’ – inspired by a genuine celebration of possibility.

Let us not allow this moment to pass in the vein of the media that surrounds us.

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