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When did this become a trend: Women perfectly lying out and photographing the contents of their handbags?

If you have an Instagram account, it’s hard to dodge the ever-growing number of ‘style influencers’ and blogger ‘wannabes’. We are endlessly bombarded with images of designer handbags full of perfect designer goodies, but when will people get bored of these superficial ‘lifestyle’ images? Surely women don’t carry around these perfectly curated masterpieces?

In response to this trend, I decided to document all the weird and wonderful things I have found in my bag over the past couple of years.

Let me introduce you to Sarah’s Real Bag Spill.

My Bulberry: Yes, a couple of years ago I splurged a whopping £20 on a fake Mulberry handbag. This quite frankly disgusting handbag somehow survived an entire year and collected some weird and wonderful things along the way…

Inside Sarah’s ‘Bulberry’:

— A half eaten packet of Polo’s

— A screwed up napkin from Pret

— Chewed gum wrapped in a receipt

— 100+ receipts

— Hello Fresh £40 voucher, along with other leaflets that people shove into your hands outside tube stations

— Tampons, sometimes in a discreet case, sometimes awkwardly wedged between your notebook so they fall out at the worst possible moment

— Money: namely lots of change that when in a rush never makes it into my purse

— Makeup: far too many lipsticks because I can never find them when I need them; some broken, and maybe some without lids

— A stolen Champagne glass from the time I was so upset with the service, (I drunkenly rebelled and took it)

— A glow stick

— A Cuban cigar: still not sure why that old man gave it to me

— A toilet roll: I’m sure all of you singletons have been there when you realise you have no toilet roll at home, and it’s too late to get some, so you steal a roll from the pub or restaurant you’re in?

— A crushed mince pie: yes you read correctly – I had forgotten after some Christmas drinks, that I’d saved a mince pie for the journey home. Unfortunately this was found a few days later

— General bits

— pencil sharpening’s, crumbs, dust….

Now, this is possibly a little extreme, and I can honestly tell you that my handbag is not always in this state of disregard, however, it is far from the manicured images above. With many global brands such as American Eagle using ‘natural and untouched’ models for their #AerieREAL campaign, I hope more influencers stop pretending to be perfect and embrace their own individuality in true style.

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