Creating successful brands starts with understanding desire. Not just desire for coffee, cars or clothes, but desire for life: ambitions, hopes, dreams and values. Understanding what’s important to people is the key to unlocking how to connect with them. But this desire does not exist in a vacuum – it sits within the context of culture and commerce. Immersing in culture and getting to grips with global and local nuances is essential to building long lasting relationships; understanding how to leverage them is critical for commercial gain.

Qual & Quant & Ethno / Market & Stakeholder Insights /
Digital & Social Media Research / Trend & Future Forecast


We focus predominantly on an aspirational target typology and core insight when developing brand strategies. We search for the original spark in the heritage of the brand and make it relevant to today. And we take a stance, defining the brand’s point of view on the world and what drives it forward. This meeting point of consumer, culture, spark and opinion is the foundation of a powerful brand story, a creative narrative that we can use to guide all the brand’s touchpoints and drive deep advocacy.

Consumer Typologies / Brand Audit / Brand Positioning / Brand Story


Good innovation results in incremental growth. It can touch all aspects of business from environment, service and behaviour to products and packaging. It must be inventive and commercial. We believe in a dual approach: ‘Science’, firmly integrating consumer insight, market opportunity and rigorous data, balanced with ‘Art’, shedding the constraints of capabilities, data and insight by being open, creative and entrepreneurial.

Opportunity Identification / Strategic Platform Development /
Concept Creation / Pipeline Development


Creative and strategy are integrated at The Gild. We believe that strategy is nothing without clear and accessible articulation. We craft creative platforms and expressions which make the brand story attractive and engaging across all touchpoints. The ultimate aim of our creative is to tell a fascinating story, to have that story retold, to build relationships, intrigue and advocacy.

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 & Print / Communications / Moving Image & Content